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Ch. Czaber z Wielgowa - "Zoom" to his friends, with the kids from the Jasper County, Indiana Head Start program doing a presentation on Dog Safety for children, May 2007.




June, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



My handler wants to take out my PON'S undercoat because that would make it easier to groom him for showing. What's your opinion ?

It isn't a question of opinion. This breed should be shown with an undercoat.  PONS should be shown in their natural condition.


I've noticed that some items on PON Digest have been copied elsewhere, doesn't this bother you ? You should complain !


Why would I wish to complain ? Imitation is a sincere form of flattery. Bless those folks.



Both my senior PON  and senior breeder have memory issues. They keep forgetting important facts and are disorganized. Do you have any advice ??


If you do some independent research, you will notice that fish oil helps revive cognitive abilities and improves memory function. Please consult your vet for exact dosage requirements.



I have a very beautiful PON, but she has a timid temperament. Can I still show her ?


Unfortunately, a shy or timid temperament is a show disqualification.





PON Facts

Senior PONS may not have the same bladder capacity of former years and need increased opportunities to take care of their needs. Make sure that water is always available for them.







Bill Coleman & John Garufi's Max after a cool drink of water