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HighPath PON's



March, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions about PONS You've Always Wanted to Know !



My PON follows me around from room to room. Are they all like this ?

Yes, PONS like to herd their people, the way they herd sheep. Enjoy the experience.


My PON wakes up my family at the exact same time every day. Do they have a built-in alarm clock or something ??



PONS are known for their excellent sense of time and you can throw out your alarm clock because you no longer need it.



What does it mean when the black spots on PON fur become lighter with time? Should I worry about it ??



Most PONS have a "fading" color gene and their black fur becomes lighter with time. There is no reason to worry about this.



My PON keeps getting yeast infections in his ears. What would you suggest I do ? 

In many cases, yeast infections may be a sign of allergies. Consider a change of diet and try adding raw organic apple cider vinegar to your PON'S diet.





PON Facts

Older PONS require regular exercise, both for their joints as well as for keeping them alert and in a good state of mind. Regular check-ups are important to detect Senior health problems.