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Vanille (British Short Hair cat) with Ronny and Buzia  - good friends !


PONS with Cats and guinea pigs -True Friendship !


One day, a  neighbour's cat had fallen in love with my second PON, Droopy (Cezar Henrykowa X Gaja Starego Lupkowa) Each time when this cat saw his precious friend, Droopy, he didn’t move, he undoubtedly never  understood  what it was that the cat wanted.

We moved into a house with a garden and one day, a wildcat brought us a young, six months old kitten named Maxi. We adopted "Maxou". Droopy respected this cat, but never those of my neighbours... But the cat "Maxou" was not really attracted to this hairy black and white Pon.. Droopy left us at 12 and half years old and Ronny arrived in our life. And then, everything changed. Maxou who proved to be a young Miss, fell  in love with the BB Nizinny, an exploit because Ronny was a very lively puppy. An exotic couple had been just created, nobody could touch Maxou, except Ronny. And of course, one day,  Maxou brought us four pretty kittens, assuming that they needed to be adopted, we contacted an association to place them. When the time came, we succeeded in catching three kittens but the fourth one was snuggled up against, or rather hidden in the hair of Ronny! The picture  so  moved us that we did not have the heart to separate ourselves from the kitten who we called "Syn" (the Polish word for "son") .


Unfortunately, one and a half year later, my cats died  6 weeks apart. They caught a virus, known as "feline infectious peritonitis". Ronny sought his companion for a very long time. At the beginning of January 2005, I took the opportunity to have a  British Short hair, Vanille come into my home. In March 2005, it was not  love at first sight between the two, but a sort of respect which gently became friendship. Vanille was a terribly shy cat, but this all changed with the arrival of my small witch "Buzia". Vanille was sulky for two months and I started to worry, because the cat started to become aggressive towards the puppy. However, Vanille does not love  puppies and dogs which are the same size as her ! When Buzia grew up …. Vanille was attracted by this young dog.

It’s funny to see them to play hide and seek, and never would I have thought that so much complicity could take place between dog and cat! How many times have I noticed them settled on the same blanket or sharing the end of the sofa.

The Nizinny  certainly has the instinct of a hunter (as do all  dogs) but so much that it accepts its family members; Droopy, my lost Nizinny ,was breed with guinea-pigs and with its sheepdog instinct, in the evening, it returned  all them of them to the cage. I think that a well -balanced Nizinny, accepts without difficulty another species beside his own canine species.


 The history of the above photo is rather comic, because my small Buzia, normally,  sleeps at night in its dog house, but Vanille, my small British Shorthair discovered this sort of great kennel and made herself at home during the day and night with the result that Buzia finds her freedom at night.

 Suddenly, I suspect them of a deal on behalf of Buzia …. no problem, there is nothing better than a beautiful friendship.


( translation from French to English by Michčle O. )



 Droopy, with Betty Boop and Drippy in former times - (guinea-pig friends)