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PON von Regensdorf - Switzerland



PON Voices - about our PONS who love to bark !


Pons are sheepdogs and consequently natural guards, this means that they will want to protect you as well as every member of your family living in their home, including other PONS, dogs, cats, etc. because they are part of his flock. It is essential that you understand this herding instinct  and allow your PONS to do their 'job'. On the other hand, it is also important that your PON knows that you and the other family members have the final say, and praise your PON for guarding you. NEVER get angry with him for barking  because your PON is only doing what comes naturally to the breed. PONS hate being shouted at; it just makes them nervous and endangers  the trust you have built in your relationship.

Unfortunately, certain areas in the USA are passing anti-barking laws:


http://www.kentucky .com/mld/ kentucky/ news/15376304. htm

Posted on Sun, Aug. 27, 2006

Council to reconsider barking dog ordinance
Associated Press

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Lexington officials said they will reconsider an
ordinance aimed at muzzling barking dogs.

In July, the Urban County Council was poised to approve changes to
Lexington's noise ordinance, which included a time limit for animal
noise disturbances, stiffer fines and an ultimate penalty of pets
being confiscated by the city.

The council tabled the changes after dog owners complained that the
changes would punish responsible dog owners. Owners also said
confiscation of their pets was too severe a punishment.

The council will hold a public forum Tuesday to gather suggestions
from pet owners and their neighbors on the amendments.

Councilwoman Sandy Shafer said barking is an early sign of a somewhat
more aggressive dog.

"If we can kind of calm the dog down, it just creates a safer
situation," she said.

The proposed changes would make it illegal for an animal to create a
noise disturbance continuously for five minutes or intermittently for
10 minutes or more.

On the first offense, a pet owner would pay a fine of no less than
$50. A second offense comes with a minimum $100 fine and maximum $500

The ordinance allows for the city to con
fiscate the animal on the
fourth offense in a 12-month period.


Which steps can an owner take to avoid legal problems in their community and get along with neighbors who don't care about canine genetics, etc. ? I did some research on the topic of barking and found the following:

"Exposure to classical music reduces barking of dogs and appears to calm them, perhaps improving their welfare, and enhancing human perceptions of their desirability and adoptability, whereas heavy metal music resulted in more barking (Wells, Graham and Hepper 2002b).  Unpublished data by Graham, Wells and Hepper were suggestive that the calming properties of lavender and chamomile resulted in decreased barking and increased resting in kenneled dogs" (Wells 2004).


PON ownership requires a lot of planning and those who are considering this breed should ideally live in  a detached single family house, and try and be with their PONS as much as possible on a daily basis. Our PONS do not like being alone for long hours and prefer the company of their owners. If it is necessary to leave them alone, owners should consider activities for them which will keep them busy. A busy PON is a happy PON.