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This month's SPOTLIGHT:  kennel  v. Pon Nouraika.



Newborn puppy, Prezes Bunkier v. Pon Nouraika, now living with Gerda Steekers and his grandmother Exquisite Wonder Ewa



Dear PON-friends,

We, Jan, Jos and Nick van der Wiel, are the happy owners of our lovely Nourack and Raika.

Some three years ago we decided we would like to have a dog. But it was very difficult to choose the breed. First we bought a "puppy guide" which gave us an impression of a lot of breeds, with description of the various characters. Finally, we chose two breeds. My husband and I fell on the Polski Owczarek Nizinny and our son Nick, now 14 years old, wanted a Bull Mastif, because he liked its height and strength. Then we started to visit some dogshows to see the dogs for real. One day we came in Rotterdam and we saw there a lot of Nizinny's. We could talk with the owners and breeders and we could play and walk with the dogs. We really fell in love. Also our son Nick changed his opinion: he noticed that a PON is a really nice playmate and very strong.

So the decision was made: it had to be a NIzinny. Then we got to know Gerda Steekers, who just had a litter.We picked out Nourack, because he was so lovely and playful. Every week we visited Gerda to see our sweetheart. We couldn't wait to take him home with us. When Nourack was seven weeks old, we took him with us. In the first weeks we took him everywhere: in the bus, the subway, very busy shops, big crowds etc.etc. The result is that Nourack is not afraid of anything! Even thunder and fireworks don't frighten him. He is so easygoing, we can take him everywhere: a journey for two days in the car to very hot Spain in the summer, a journey to Poland for winterholiday. Also Nourack is able to be home alone for a lot of hours a day, because we have to work. During lunchhour one of us go home to walk him and that goes really well.

Our plan was just to have a dog, nothing further. But then, Gerda Steekers asked us to compete in the Clubmatch of the Dutch club. And Nourack became best young male!! This made us to visit more shows and Nourack gets very nice results. Now we go to shows in Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany. In the meantime Nourack had some tests: eyes, hips for HD and heart. All the results were very good. So now he is on the list for studs.

By visiting shows we got to know a lot of PONfans in the various countries. Some of them help us a lot in learning more about the PON. A special word of thanks we would like to give to the breeder of our dogs Gerda Steekers and Katja Jasica and her mother. We think we found very good friends in them.

Nourack has a very nice and open character. He adores children. The children in our neighbourhood are very fond of him. They can do anything with him. Furthermore, in the house he is very calm. But he loves very much to play with his tennisbal and other toys.
We make a lot of long walks, in the woods and on the beach and around the neighbourhood.

As you can see now we are infected with the "PON-virus". This resulted in the wish to get another dog, a female this time. Again we had the opportunity to get a dog from Gerda Steekers, who is always willing to give us advise and is always helping us. So this is how we got our lovely Raika, who is now one year old. Raika also competes in shows and her results are really great up till now.

Our futureplan is: to get a litter from Raika.

If you took the time to read the whole story above: watch out to buy a Nizinny: first you just want a dog and before you know it, you end up like us: having two dogs, go to a lot of shows and planning a litter.


Jan, Jos and Nick van der Wiel
Gouman-akker 3
2994 BC Barendrecht



Exquisite Wonder Raika

Exquisite Wonder Nourack