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<B><FONT size=5>Diane Mottram, Top Breeder, UK 2007</FONT></b>

Polish Lowland Sheepdog - pons - pon the dog





Flying the flag for Mybeards !

 Mybeards have won Top Pon, Top Stud, Top Sire, Top Brood, and Top Puppy





Diane Mottram, Top Breeder, UK 2007




Diane Mottram: Top Breeder UK 2007

The competition (Our Dogs/ Pedigree) is run each year and the points are collated from all the UK championship shows with CC’s throughout that year, you do not enter the competition all results are counted. Some breeds have over 30 shows, but pons have 15 with Challenge Certificates allocated (the entries for pons is between 20 and 50 at each show). Each breed has its ‘top breeder’ announced and I have been top breeder in pons every year since the breed was awarded CC status and even before that.

Each time a first CC is awarded 4 points are won after that if the same dog wins another CC you gain one point, I won with 50 points.

All the owners of my breeding take in their own exhibits, there are no professional handlers and every show has a different judge.

So of course it is a huge thank you to all who have flown the flag so well for ‘Mybeards’

Also again in 2007 Mybeards have won Top Pon, Top Stud, Top Sire, Top Brood, and Top Puppy


A big thank you from  Mybeards PONS and their families  for being such a devoted, caring friend and breeder throughout the years.