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Safe Camping with your PON


The Chocolates: Meg, Slodkie and Topper 
 Meg - Fairy Tale's Fur Ever S'mores owned by Merrill and Wayne Rosen, Athens, GA.
Ch Premier's Slodkie Serduzska, Int'l Ch. Owned by Dr. Diane M Clark, Palm Coast, FL
Ch Premier's Top of the Line, Int'l Ch, CGC, Owned by William R & Linder Gilchrist.





Although camping conditions vary throughout the country, there are a lot of basics to observe for informed PON owners. First, please be aware that dogs are not allowed at National Park or Monument trails. Leashed dogs are allowed on paved areas, that it doesn't go further than that ! National Forests may allow leashed dogs on trails, but you need to check up on this because there are many exceptions. If you are thinking of staying at a campground, do your homework and be sure that dogs are allowed.

Staying in communication is vital and you cannot always rely on your cell phone ! Make a plan to check in with family and friends on a regular basis.



Which precautions do you need to take? If you prepare for the worst, you will have a safe camping experience ! Make sure that you consult your vet about specific camping areas because some carry unknown health risks and may require additional vaccinations. Make sure that both your dog license and vaccinations are current or you have recently done titers.

Don't go totally natural ! You need to leash your dog because you never know which campers and other dogs/animals  you will come across and it isn't worth ruining your trip over an unpleasant incident. How familiar are you with your PON ? Do you know his nonverbal language ?

What should you take along for your PON?  You need to provide clean drinking water to prevent bacteria which may result in diarrhea which will upset all of you. The same holds true for your PON's food source. Take along a good supply and keep it in your car so that wild animals will not smell it and decide to come visiting ! Towels always come in handy for cleanups and you should consider both the paper type as well as the cloth variety !

Consult your vet about taking along a doggie first aid kit and make sure that you also keep it in your car and it is easily available in emergencies.

Be sure to bring along your PON's health certificates, including your vet's contact info, rabies certificate, vaccinations and local license in case of unexpected emergencies.

      The nitty gritty of it all - when was the last time you checked your dog's leash,collar ? It is a good policy to carry extras in case of an emergency. You might also consider taking along a tether which fastens around a tree in order to allow almost total  freedom within a campsite. Do you have a doggie car seat and do you use it ? Prevent road accidents by observing safety rules. 

Keep your dog off the ground if possible and bring along some type of bedding which will keep them dry and clean and free of unwanted visitors.

You may wish to bring along grooming tools, toys, treats and of course, poop clean-ups !

 Avoid problems by not allowing your PON to come in contact with strange children, and animals. Not everyone is a dog lover, although they may be nature lovers and enjoy the great outdoors.