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Polish Lowland Sheepdogs - PONS






Barbed Wires on the Moor




By Bluenn The Niz, in exclusive report

for the review of the NCF At Patrick Le Roux  home

 (ST Adrien 22)       










Howdy Folks !!


The Brittanny moors were being disrupted by a rowdy herd of woolly four-legged bandits , and the Sheriff roped in yours truly and some local guys to bring back some law and order.To impress these wild sheep , mustn't let on that I'm just a beginner! Yo! The Sheriff's deputy wanted it done style, "coolman"…but I said "no way man"...didn't want to find myself smoking any old "weeds" or such like ...or even worse dressed up  as a fancy wigged French Marquis..


Those walking wool rugs had some hard times coming !!


Come sunrise , one fine spring day , we set off in the chuck-wagon...”Hey Ho! Silver…Let’s go get them!”


When we arrived, the cavalry was already there.

For the reinforcements, you have from left to the right on the photograph:





!!!! A little rigour in page-setting, please....


Good I begin again, from left to the right, you find:


Uros, Sampa, Vévé, Vale, Ustelle, Bluenn, Arnaque


Well right away I could see that the situation was pretty desperate and me and the guys got down to some serious work..................


1) Firstly approach these sheep a little trick was needed...I roll myself in their droppings....what a smell !


2) The goal is to know if my instinct of shepherd always exists.




Sheriff saw right away that my herding instinct was evident....Boy! was I interested in those sheep!! To test me , he sent me off to run around. I did very  good fold back actions, but in a disorganized way. He was really impressed.  He had me and the other guys working individually 3 times 45 minutes for this first day.










3)  Next day , things got more serious. He had me lying down next to the herd of sheep.....and    even when they ran off, I had to control my natural instinct and stay put. That was really tough! I am after all a Nizinny!...but at the end of day 2, I could control myself.
















  On the third day...a little going over the previous day’s work. Results VERY positive! He lets me accompany the herd because I don’t run and split them up....I only run to bring back a stray. I keep them together in a calm and efficient manner.

I spontaneously  did some very good circling tactics.
















Like a true NIZINNY I have learned quickly and well. ..I have a natural herding agression at all towards those sheep.

But as Patrick  says “ one NIZINNY at a time !please!! Two at the same time ...too hard going”!!

It seems he found me a little STUBBORN !!



For those amateurs of sheep work-outs...this formation is based on the natural psychology of each dog...and by fun and pleasure ..being a real beginner ,I was the only one on a long rope the second day.

 I shall certainly continue this formation and will keep you informed of my progress..


Vive les PONS!!!!