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March, 1997 - May, 2008



About how I got into PONS and how it started up

In my family there were already dogs when I was a child, first a mix-breed dog and then a fox terrier. At the age of 14 I got my first German Shepherd Dog (female) which I trained myself for obedience and working trials. She also had success in show rings. A couple of years later I applied for my prefix “Flinkbein” and I have been breeding German Shepherds from 1973 to 1992.

The first PON came into my life in 1989. “Anuska Zlaty Ranc” came from Czechoslovakia being traded for a Collie puppy. I was used to German Shepherds who came to me on command. When I tried the same with Anuska she just turned her back to me and went away. If I raised my voice she went to lie down on her back. I think she taught me more than I ever taught to her! She did spark off my love to this charming stubborn breed!

A year later I got my second PON “Rola” from Poland and afterwards I have imported several PONs from there. Until now I have had 30 litters of PONs. Among the Flinkbein-PONs there are 14 Finnish Winners and 6 Junior-Winners, 23 International Champions, 50 Finnish Champions and 53 other Champions of other countries. I have also 4 Polish Champions and 1 Polish Junior Champion. Some important champions among the others are Flinkbein Godnosc (sire: Lopuch Baltycka Rapsodia, dam: Hajda z Wielgowa) who won the Best In Show title in Poznan, Poland in 1998, and the males Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon, Flinkbein Puchar-Pies, Flinkbein Wolec and Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces who all descend from my E-litter: Eter, Efekt, Ekspanat, Ekstanza, Elita (sire: Eter z Banciarni, dam: Gorczyca z Wielgowa, who was a fundamental bitch to my breeding).





Pompula was one of the most known and most respected Great PON-personalities in the whole world, always on a good mood and happy, charming everybody who met him.


Flinkbein Kompletny-PON ”Pompula” was born 11th of March 1997. His father was Flinkbein Efekt (Eter z Banciarni - Gorczyca z Wielgowa) and mother Flinkbein Czary (Wiwat Pacynca - Rola). There were five puppies in the litter, four of them became champions. Pompula was examined with A-hips, healthy eyes and  thyroids.


Pompula was the beloved pet of Maija Bragge, her husband Leo and their sons Mikael and Cristian, and he lived also with three cats and some chickens. When he was two weeks old I started to call him ”Pompula” (pom-pom, hairy bobble) and that name remained even if his co-owner Maija, my very good friend, was trying to invent other names when he moved to live with Maija's family at the age of two months. Perhaphs very descriptive, for the name,was the image, when I visited Maija a month later and saw something that was rushing to me, it was flying on the air, it was round and something was fluttering on both sides, as wings. ... It was Pompula, a hairy ball whose ears were flapping in the wind.


Pompula was always an easy dog, he was a friend of everybody, adults, children, cats, chickens... He was always polite and cool, even if Maija's angry rooster was trying to challenge him, he never lost his temper, but after some time changed his place to composed.  If Pompula managed to find a nest of a hen before Maija, he took the eggs carefully and hid them somewhere else. Pompula did never bite shoes or furniture but sometimes he did hide socks under the benches of the sauna.


Pompula loved small children, he was just standing quietly in the middle of them and let them to pet him while he was giving kisses. With the sons of their own family he was playing in the yard, carrying a ball, and he was taking care that the cats were not hit by a lawnmower when the boys were mowing the grass.


Pompula had a good self-esteem, he knew his own value and he announced himself to other male dogs (except Vivat who was Pompula's ”little brother”) but he never started a fight. He loved a lot the Golden Retriever girl who was living in the neighborhood and sometimes, in certain moments, he was just sitting there at the door and waited...


The forest behind Pompula's home was calling him from time to time, specially the muddy ditch there. We people were not so enthusiastic about it, specially the morning before a dog show. After having been washed and just combed and renovated to the show,  Pompula came to the car with muddy feet. No choice, we had to wash him quickly again...


Every night before going to sleep Pompula came next to Maija's bed and ”sang a lullaby”, he was making noises like a low whimper and after this ceremony he went to sleep in his own bed. Pompula used to ”speak” a lot; Tintti Drake tells when she saw Pompula at the first time he climbed on her lap and started to ”chat” with a low and steady voice (a skill that has been passed down to Kingi). ”This charming personality made a great impression on me and  after this meeting I was even more proud that my first PON was his son. It was always a great pleasure to see Pompula.”


Pompula remembered the people he met during the years. Specially the owners of Pompula's ”brides” were in his favor and he was very happy to see those people. In a dog show he could stop in front of them and look in their eyes while wagging his stubby tail The sunny appearance of Pompula never left somebody cold.


Maija lives so close to me that mostly Pompula came to my place to meet the girls. Sometimes he came to be washed and groomed for a dog show. Pompula started to peek already from the door whether there were girls in sight or only brushes and in the second case he preferred to turn back from the door. Although Pompula was always easy to groom, only his paws were so sensitive that he was trying to lie on them and it was a big effort to get them into view.



Pompula became a successful show dog, at the age of two years and five months he got his title of International Champion. He was the World Winner 2000 in Milan (Italy), the European Veteran Winner 2006 in Helsinki (Finland) and the World Veteran Winner 2006 in Poznan (Poland). Pompula enjoyed to show himself in the ring and it was always a pleasure to me to present him. He came often with me to the dog shows in Poland and different European countries. According to Maija Pompula was the most travelling member of their family. My only problem on our journeys was that Pompula found the dog food not so tasty as at home where he got in his bowl also some leftovers from the plate of Maija's cats.


Pompula learned to know the value of the group competitions, in a group ring he just took a glance to me (his handler) and simply flew in the ring with the music. In total he had 14 group placements, 3 of them were from the veteran rings.


In 1999 and 2000 he was the Best Show PON in Finland and after having reached the veteran age he was the Best Veteran PON male for three consecutive years 2005, 2006 and 2007. Pompula has been the Best In Show in the Finnish PON-Club show (year 1998) , BIS2 Veteran 2005 and BIS1 Veteran 2006. In SSKY Special Show he was BIS2 in 2000 and BIS3 Veteran in 2006.


Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans Gala is a yearly show where the participating dogs are invited according to their show results of the previous year. In 2001 two PONs were invited, Pompula and his mother Flinkbein Czary. In 2005 the invited PONs were Pompula and his daughter Flinkbein Swietny, and in 2006 Pompula and his son Flinkbein Wolec. Pompula was competing with 58 Veteran dogs and he was among the 4 best ones!


Pompula has been a splendid show dog and a magnificent family dog but also an excellent stud dog. He has offspring in several countries, not only in Finland but also in Germany, Sweden, Belgium and the USA, and grandchildren even in other countries. One proof of the quality of his offspring was in the World Winner Show 2003 in Dortmund (Germany) where 6 of his children from 4 different mothers were presented and they all got ”excellent” and were among the 4 best ones in their classes.








            MW-04, Ch. Ponwood's Led Zepplin


            MW-04, Ch. Ponwood's Mona Lisa


            KANS MVA, FIN MVA, EST MVA, RUS MVA, BALTW-03, EUJW-02, JW-02 , INT &, FIN & EST &, RUS & BELARUS & LV & S CH EUJW-02, EUW-04, -06 , BALTW-03,-04,-05,-06, SW-04, JW-02 , W-03, W-04, W-07        Flinkbein Swietny

            INT & FIN & EST CH, EUJW-02, JW-02 Flinkbein Srodek

            INT & FIN & EST & S & LV CH Flinkbein Srebro


            JV-03, EJW-04, BALTW-04,-05,-06, LTUW-05,-06, ESTW-05,-07 RKFW-05, SW-05, PMW-05, W-06 INT & FIN   & EST & LTU & LV & BALT & RUS & BLR & S & N & BALT CH Flinkbein Wolec

            AKC CH  Flinkbein Wyntr White Star


            B & Fr MVA, BW-03, LUX YOUTH CH Jagodas Bis Kaszanka

            JAGODAS BECZKA PON in France

            JAGODAS BASNIOWY PON in Sweden


            Brightwhite's Hagrid 

            Brightwhite's Huffle-Puff 

            Brightwhite's Hogwarts 

            Brightwhite's Hermonie 






text : Taija Tuohilampi, Maija Bragge

lots of thanks of assistance and translation to  Anne Vanhalakka




























Photo Information



          Pompula as an young boy. We were traveling in Poland, in shows, and stopped in       a lay-by. There was a bench and a wall.....




          THE BEST IN SHOW, in the PON Club Show 1998


          THE BEST IN SHOW VETERAN, in the PON Club Show 2006


          Kompletny-Pon in the Champion & Champion competition in 2005


          Kompletny-Pon in the Champion & Champion competition in 2005


          Kompletny-Pon in the Champion & Champion competition in 2006


          Kompletny-Pon and Wolec in the Champion & Champion competition in 2006



          Kompletny-Pon and the children Wolec, (Pompula), Srodek and Swietny in the Poznan Word Winner show in 2006


          Kompletny-Pon in in the Poznan Word Winner show in 2006


          Kompletny-Pon in the Champion & Champion competition in 2006


          Kompletny-Pon in the Champion & Champion competition in 2006


          Here in a photo of the dog show from Turku in august 2007.

          The dogs are from the left

          the son Flinkbein Emblemat

          father Flinkbein Wolec

          grandfather  Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon


          This photo is from the Turku show also

          Here is the same family, but now with mother....

          father Wolec, mother Fanny (Flinkbein Quella Rosa) and the son Paavo