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Polish Lowland Sheepdogs - PONS






Anne Weiss's pride and joy - Mikey !


Mikey and the R.E.A.D. Program

Ann, how did you find out about the R.E.A.D. program and Mikey's training ??


"A local group was affiliated with the Delta Society ( and Andy had been doing therapy work for several years.  He was a nationally ranked show dog and herding champion, and I needed to keep him busy.  I ordered the book from the Delta Society, went to classes, and took a written test.  Then the  dog and I had to pass a basic obedience test that also included wheelchairs and crutches, yelling, bathrobes swinging, and lots of unruly hugs and  rough petting. Piece of cake for Andy who had been through traveling all over the country. So, Andy started his therapy work. Along comes Mikey, no show dog, but ready for the world. He passed the obedience test and loved every minute.  No yelling bothers this guy."

How long have you been involved with it ??


"I have been doing therapy now for 5 years and R.E.A.D. for 2 1/2.  Yes, it is very time consuming.  But I love it and the dogs adore going.  My biggest "problem" is taking the tote bag down and which dog goes?  They both want to go but the motto in this house is "clean dog goes"!.  Please get on the web sites I have mentioned and find out more.  I promise you will fill a need in your life, your community and your dogs. Please feel free to email me.  I love to talk about this.  Can't you see why????"
Can you describe the training for the program and more details about it ?


"The same local group that evaluated us for therapy was branching out to do the R.E.A.D.( program and Andy was 11 by then and did a lot of therapy lying down-perfect for letting children read to him. My group really wanted Mikey but I sure didn't know if he could lie down for 2 hours. At their insistence, I applied for his R.E.A.D. certificate, hoping this would work. Dogs must be Delta certified first to apply for R.E.A.D. as our million dollar liability policy is from Delta."


Are PONS a suitable breed for such a program ?

"When I was looking for a PON, I knew I wanted a thinking, smart dog and the breed was that.  I only had to make him think and the rest would come along naturally. Socialize, Socialize.  Mikey went everywhere, met people, babies, toddlers, big dogs, little dogs, crowds, anywhere I could take him, he went. He never growled and seemed to be the "perfect" temperament  to follow in Andy, the Beardies, footsteps."

Thank you Anne, I think that many PON owners will feel inspired by your experiences and may wish to enter their PONS in this enriching program. Please contact Anne for additional information:
Anne, Andy the Beardie and Mikey, the PON





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