The photo includes from left Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces "Milou", Cynia Moscic "Lani", Cedr Moscic "Ceder" and Flinkbein Srebro "Kingi". ".






Fostering a PON in Trouble




Fostering a PON in trouble can be a very gratifying experience for dedicated PON lovers. When considering fostering a PON, you need to ask yourself several questions:

  •     Do I have the patience and time necessary to foster ?
  •     Do I have the room in my house to take on a foster PON ?
  •     How will my PONS and family react ? Will males be accepted?
  •     Can I take in puppies or only adult, house-broken PONS ?
  •     How long can I or should I keep my foster PON ?

    These are some suggestions for prospective PON foster homes:
    • Count on a PON marking or having accidents the first few days, even if he was housetrained. Have pet-specific cleaning products on hand. Also be prepared for other transitional behavioral problems.


    • Owner knowledge and training is the key to a successful fostering. It's all up to you. No one training approach is right for every PON..


    • Keep an ID tag attached to a snug buckle collar on your PON at all times.


    • During the transition period, a foster PON needs time to adjust to the rules and schedule of your household. And he needs your leadership! A dog is a pack animal looking for guidance, and it is up to you to teach him good, acceptable behaviors. If the human does not take charge, the dog will try to.


    • A foster PON cannot do damage unless you let that happen. Watch your foster PON during the transition period.

    Remember: Many PONS in trouble may not have  had the luck to be properly socialized .


    As you can see, fostering,is not uncomplicated. Join our pon rescue group in order to participate in rescue training, and exchange valuable information and advice from other prospective foster/rescue families.







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