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PONS and children - Do they get along ??


PONS are normally gentle with children of their own family and tend to respond well to neighborhood children. I have fond memories of my own gang and their reactions to children over here. Some years ago, a foster child slapped Shakey across his face and he looked at her as though she were crazy and simply walked away from the situation. Mona Lisa and Poca always loved the attention they got on walks and looked forward to meeting children. Both Shakey and Mona Lisa get along well with my grandson.

There are some in the breed who feel nervous about PONS and children and perhaps they need to establish basic rules when children are in the presence of our breed.

First, children and PONS need to be supervised when together until children prove that they will not provoke or pull on PON fur. Second, each side needs to have his/her own territory and toys and this rule needs to be firmly set in place. 

Possibly, differences of opinion regarding food may play a significant role in the success of having children and PONS in the same household. PONS should have set time for dinner and their own separate area and should not be disturbed. Children need to be taught not to offer food in response to begging at the table and if begging continues, PONS need to leave the room and/or be placed in their crates during family dinner times. 

Coping with children and PONS is very similar to dealing with multi sibling households and good organization and rules need to be followed for a happy, safe household with good relationships.



Cedr and Lani in Finland



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